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We set out our commitment to the community and charity within our Community Engagement Policy. We take our involvement in the community very seriously by helping cancer patients and their families through financial assistance for treatment, logistics and rehabilitation stage.

It is our responsibility to create awareness of cancer risks to the community and raise funds to help another patient. Our programs will not focus solely on awareness and fund raising but create a strong support group of cancer survivors, patients, doctors and professionals from various industries to help one and another by sharing their experience and expertise.

How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

Fighting cancer is tough, but we can take it on together. With the support of our volunteers, we can all make a much bigger difference than any of us could on our own, transforming the future for people affected by cancer.

Charity Fund

Contributions to the charity fund will be used to carry out charitable activities in order to produce the right tools to help the public in their fight against cancer. 

What We Do

Yayasan Kanser Malaysia works with charity partners every year to fund projects that have a lasting and significant impact in our community and beyond. This year we are collaborating with our partners to organise World Cancer Day event, Pink Duck Run, Jelajah Kanser Malaysia exhibition & roadshows, Empowerment Conference and more.

Our Story

Yayasan Kanser Malaysia is a not-for-profit foundation established in 2012 and officially launched in 2013.

YKM prides itself as a home grown organization that plays an important part helping cancer patients, regardless of background, race, creed, colour and station. YKM is consistently working on improving ways to mobilise its resources effectively for fighting cancer.

Ongoing Projects

Some of our notable projects are Jelajah Kanser Malaysia, Empowerment Conference, World Cancer Day event, Pink Duck Run and Shave To Care. Upcoming project, Malam Sejuta Impian is now in progress, contact us for more details.

Yayasan Kanser Malaysia Fleet

A fleet of vehicles under the management of Yayasan Kanser Malaysia to ferry registered patients to the hospital for routined medical check up and treatment. The same fleet will be use by Yayasan Kanser Malaysia to send doctors to patients’ home if necessary.


RM 12,000 Donated

Cancer Awareness & Education

To educate the community about the importance of health and wealth management. From self initiated annual health check ups to saving money for the future. We believe early education will play a big role in fighting cancer.


RM 5000 Donated

Fund Raising Projects

We certainly have included many educational yet fun projects for our community to participate such as Pink Duck Run, to raise funds for our causes and to bring a strong team of volunteers and supporters together as a whole. 


RM 10,000 Donated

Empowerment Conference

This is a conference which emphasizes on cancer related topics. Sharing by individuals who are cancer survivors, professionals from various industries, doctors and patients’ family members. By sharing their never heard before stories will inspire people to aware of health risks.


RM 10,000 Donated

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We’ve Raised over
RM 400,000

A big thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters and sponsors from various industries. With the contributions collected for Yayasan Kanser Malaysia fund, we are able to continue our community programs to help cancer stricken patients in medical treatment, transportation to hospitals, accommodation and more.

Helping Cancer Patients Across Malaysia.

We are also very proud of our own work in the community to be of help to the cancer patients and their families across Malaysia.

We believe that cancer treatment and education should be made accessible to many people especially those from rural areas of Malaysia. At Yayasan Kanser Malaysia, we strive to provide medical attention and logistics for cancer patients who have financial difficulties.

News & Updates

Selamat Hari Raya I’dil fitri 1440

“Dari qalbu yang suci segalanya bermula gema dan firasat yang dianyam oleh para pejuang Yayasan Kanser Malaysia mendambakan keharmonian sempena I’dul Fitri 1440 ” Yayasan Kanser Malaysia dan barisan kepimpinan serta para aktivisnya berusaha menterjemahkan nilai-nilai...

Projek Jejak Kanser Edisi Ramadan 2019

Projek Jejak Kanser Edisi Ramadan Pada tanggal 30 dan 31 haribulan Mei yang lalu, pihak Yayasan Kanser Malaysia yang diketuai oleh Ustaz Don Daniyal telah mengunjungi 5 orang pesakit kanser. Pihak YKM telah memberikan sedikit sumbangan merupakan keperluan...

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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
― Mother Theresa

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