Yayasan Kanser Malaysia

Yayasan Kanser Malaysia

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Important Notice:

We understand that there’s a few sites and social media accounts on the internet portraying themselves to represent Yayasan Kanser Malaysia. Please note that our official and only website is http://www.yayasankansermalaysia.org.

Our new corporate identity.

Our Social Media platforms are:

You should only be receiving emails from our teams with the @yayasankansermalaysia.org domain name as well as yayasankanser@gmail.com, our main email account is info@yayasankansermalaysia.org, so if you have any requests, inquiries or just want to send us some love, you can email us at that email address.

You can also contact us directly via Facebook messenger at http://m.me/yayasankanser and our team will reply you promptly.

If you receive emails from other accounts purporting to represent YKM, do let us know via our messenger or email address.

Thank You.