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Yayasan Kanser Malaysia

We set out our commitment to the community and charity within our Community Engagement Policy. We take our involvement in the community very seriously by helping cancer patients and their families through financial assistance for treatment, logistics and rehabilitation stage.

It is our responsibility to create awareness of cancer risks to the community and raise funds to help another patient. Our programs will not focus solely on awareness and fund raising but create a strong support group of cancer survivors, patients, doctors and professionals from various industries to help one and another by sharing their experience and expertise.

How You Can Get Involved

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Charity Fund

Contributions to the charity fund will be used to carry out charitable activities in order to produce the right tools to help the public in their fight against cancer. 

Yayasan Kanser Malaysia Fleet

A fleet of vehicles under the management of Yayasan Kanser Malaysia to ferry registered patients to the hospital for routined medical check up and treatment. The same fleet will be used by Yayasan Kanser Malaysia to send doctors to patients’ home if necessary.

RM 12,000 Donated

Cancer Awareness & Education

To educate the community about the importance of health and wealth management. From self initiated annual health check ups to saving money for the future. We believe early education will play a big role in fighting cancer.

RM 5000 Donated

Fund Raising Projects

We certainly have included many educational yet fun projects for our community to participate such as Pink Duck Run, to raise funds for our causes and to bring a strong team of volunteers and supporters together as a whole. 

RM 10,000 Donated

Helping Cancer Stricken Patients Since 2013

Cancer Patients

RM Raised


What We Do


Yayasan Kanser Malaysia works with charity partners every year to fund projects that have a lasting and significant impact in our community and beyond.

This year we are collaborating with our partners to organise World Cancer Day event, Pink Duck Run, Jelajah Kanser Malaysia exhibition & roadshows, Empowerment Conference and more.

With the programs in placed for year 2019, we are excited to show the community of what we are capable of, and in return, it will give confidence to the public to join us in support of fighting cancer as a big strong team. Fighting cancer is now possible with a bigger team.

Our Mission

To provide advocacy and resources to eliminate barriers to quality care for cancer patients. Funds raised provide financial assistance, complementary support for cancer patients and families, as well as support for projects that provide charitable services to our community in the field of cancer care, education, and prevention.

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We welcome everyone to join our causes as volunteers and sponsors. With your involvement in our projects, and your unique expertise, will elevate us to greater level and bigger exposure for your branding. Contact our Event Team today for more details.

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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
― Dalai Lama

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